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Model Train Tips - Model Railroading Handy Tips

 model train tips


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Product Features

  • Downloadable special report 
  • Condition: NEW 
  • Revised Nov 2013 

This Model Train Tips special report is an definite “must have” for anyone who wants to build a model railroad layout.

This special report has 110 handy model railroad tips and clever ideas for building a model railroad. This 44 page report is packed with 100 of best model railroad ideas and model train tips on a range of topics including: planning a layout, constructing in stages, shelf layouts, making ground cover, including people and animals, making tunnels look real, freight train weathering, scratch building, broken couplers, led lights, train lubrication, track creep and misalignment, locomotive decoders, cleaning dirty track, model train parts, flywheels, buying a locomotive, point-to-point layouts, out-and-home layouts, scale distances on model train layouts, cutting flexible track... and MUCH MORE!

This model train tips report is written is a concise, easy-to-read format (no unneccessary waffle!) which makes it easy to understand and apply straight away.

Sure, this condensed report could have been expanded out into a big volume book, but presented this way the important details are not missed and are quick and easy to access. This special report could save you from making some major mistakes when building a model railroad and will save you added expense and frustration.

Just follow the tips in this condensed report and you will soon be well on your way to having a model train layout you'll be proud of!


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